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1. The location

Situated in the economic heart of Brazil, the Sao PauloCampinas region has developed in one of the best location to establish a business in Brazil. Especially because this region is the focal point of many road, sea and airway connections, from here every point of the continent can be reached easily. As a result of this many new business parks have been established in this region over the last few years and many new residential areas outside of the towns were build where the employees of the business parks have found a nice and safe place to live. Besides this Sao Paulo and Campinas have an almost unlimited offer of very representative offices, and the universities of these 2 cities do guarantee a more then sufficient viability of highly educated work force.

2. Business parks


This business park has a total surface of 4 million m2.with plots between 2.500 en 100.000 m2. Because the whole infrastructure of roads, electricity, telecommunications, etc. is already in place you can start building on these plots immediately.

The whole setup of the project is focused on the creation of both an efficient and pleasant work environment with places to relax, parks, and high trees on the side of the roads. 

Because it’s excellent accessibility this business park offers perfect possibilities for the establishment of production plants, and storage and distribution centres.



The business park has a support centre that offers the following support services and facilities:

·    Hotel

·    Restaurant

·    Conference centre

·    Cafetaria & cafe

·    Postoffice

·    Fitness centre

·    Shops

·    Parking place

3. Office space

More then enough office space available in this region, but how to find the right office suited for your specific situation amongst such an overwhelming choice. 


To support you with this challenging task we will help your company, based on a thorough analysis of your company profile, in defining the exact requirements for your office space, where as a next step we will create for you a selective offer of office spaces meeting your requirements. In this challenging task we work closely together with our local partner who has more then 15 years of local experience in this area.


This local partner also provides turn-key office solutions where based on a thorough analysis of your organization and business processes the optimal lay-out of your office space will be designed and realized. This turn-key office solution contains the following services:

·        Design of the office lay-out

·        Design of the office interior

·        Definition of technical specifications

·        Request for, and selection of quotations of suppliers

·        project management

·        Supervision and daily control of the project execution


4. luxurious residential areas
Around Sao Paulo and Campinas there is a wide choice of large scale residencial areas with beautifull houses, many facilities, and a complete infrastructure. Al these residential areas are located at least 25 km. from the city in the middle of the nature with normally a direct access to the highway towards the city..
A good example of such a residential area is the project Tamboré 10, located about 25 km. west of Sao Paulo with an excellent to the highway towards Sao Paulo.


Because the vicinity of other residential areas this whole region offers superb facilities like:
·    A large shopping mall with more then 200 shops
·    More then 80 restaurants and bars
·    Complete medical care facilities like doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.
·    14 schools and 1 renowned university
This residential area has a very specious lay-out with beautiful avenues and parks and offers complete facilities like:
·        24 hour guidense
·        club house with tennis courts, gym, fitness and party room
·        playground
·        Food-path through the nature
·        Nicely landscaped parks with ponds and fountains.






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