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1. The location

These luxurious country-houses are situated in the direct surroundings of the well known town Petropolis about 66 km. land inward from Rio de Janeiro. This place owes his name to the emperor Pedro II who ordered here in 1843 the construction of his summer residence because the average temperature here at 840 meters above the sea level is about 6 degrees lower in summer then in Rio de Janeiro. Because of the establishment of the summer residence of the emperor, Petropolis developed into a summer residence for the nobility of Brazil. Therefore the town has a colonial character with many palaces, parks, resorts and churches. Because of the emperors European background the town has a very European character.





2. The surroundings

The direct environment is characterized by high mountains with dens tropical vegetation  and many rivers and waterfalls and offer extensive possibilities for out-door activities like for example tracking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, rafting, etc.

3. The properties 

In this region CasaBrazil offers country-houses with prices ranging between               € 50.000 and € 500.000.

Most houses are build on very large plots, beautiful landscaped gardens and have beautiful view on the breathtaking environment. The majority of these houses are located in guarded resorts with 24 hour security and many shared facilities. The houses in this region or well-build and prepared to withstand the somewhat lower temperatures in winter.


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