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1. The location

1.1. Location in Brazil

These beautiful country-houses and cottages are located close to the small town Holambra in the state of Sao Paulo, about 140 km. north-west of the town Sao Paulo and only 25 km. away from the regional capital Campinas. So although you can enjoy here all the pleasures of the country live you are still in the economic heart of Brazil.


1.2. Accessibility

Holambra is very well accessible and can be reached within a 1 ½ drive from the international airport of Sao Paulo. Because there are also frequent flights between the international airport and the Campinas airport it is also possible to fly all the way through to Campinas. Because the international airport of Sao Paulo is the most important hub for Brazil and South America, all major destinations on the continent can be reached from this airport with direct flights.

By the modern network of highways also the beautiful beaches at the coast can be reached within a 3 hour car drive.


2.1. The history

Holambra was established in 1948 by a group of Dutch immigrants and nowadays is a small cosy town with more then 10.000 inhabitants. Over the years Holambra developed into the most important centre of Brazil for the production of plant and flowers and accounts for 35% of the national production.

2.2. Events

Throughout the year several events are organized in Holambra that can count with many visitors from Brazil and abroad.


The Expoflora developed form the first time it was held 1981 into the largest event for plants and flowers in Latin America, and is visited every year by more then 200.000 persons.  


Trekker trek

A yearly spectacle is the “trekker trek” where tractors in different categories compete with each other.
Garden fair.
Every year the “Garden fair” is held in Holambra. At this fair specialist from Brazil and abroad show their products and services related to landscaping, and garden maintenance and decoration.
2.3. Tourist attraction.
Because Holambra and its direct surroundings are also considered as a very attractive holiday destination, Embratur (the Brazilian institute for the promotion of tourism) awarded this region with the official title of “tourist attraction”.
Just outside of Holambra is situated the tourist park called “Park Lindenhof” with a continuous flower exposition, a garden with rare butterflies, hundreds of mini parrots and a mini zoo with more then 600 animals.
The area around Holambra is characterized by low sloppy hills with alternating pasture and forests which makes it a perfect location for a wide variety of out-door activities like for example mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding.

3. The country-houses

The country-houses in this region normally are very large with a constructed area of between 700 and 1.000 m2. and a plot of between 20.000 and 150.000 m2.
In general these country-houses are very build with high quality materials and provided with luxurious finishing. Most houses have also have a large swimming pool, a separate guest house, servants’ quarters and stables. The average price of these country-houses is between € 500.000 and € 600.000.
Most of the cottages or small farms posses between 50 en 200 acres of land and are suited for both agriculture and cattle-breeding. In general you will find on these properties one big main house, several labour quarters, stables and sheds for machinery.
With an own river or a lack most of these properties are self supporting for the water supplies. The average price of these properties is € 150.000 and € 350.000


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